Tension, Specter, Dream
종이, 가변크기

시카고예술대학 대학원 졸업 전시회, Sullivan Galleries, 2012년 4월 28일~5월 16일.

신문 기사에서 보이는 시리아 반란군, 김정일의 사망, 돌란 대주교의 추기경 임명과 같은 어른들의 정치 사회적 사건이 어린이의 시각언어로 번역된다. 어린이의 종이 접기와 자르기 활동을 빌려와서 신문 기사와 같은 구체적인 질료를 추상적인 종이 패턴으로 변형시킴으로써 미디어의 형태를 비물질화한다.

I translated adult-associated issues such as Syrian rebel, death of Kim Jong-il, and Archbishop Dolan’s elevation to cardinal, appeared in newspaper articles into the language of children. By borrowing children’s activity of folding and cutting papers, I transformed concrete materials such as newspaper articles to abstract paper patterns and dematerialized the form of media. I created the patterns based on the photographs appeared in the articles and laser cut the patterns in papers. Each set, comprised of 3 sheets of paper patterns, represents one article, and the entire piece containing 15 sets was positioned in a grid referring to a newspaper grid. It contains various subject matters such as politics, business, technology, science, etc that adults typically concern. By creating the contrast between the serious contents and the bright colors of the papers and by transforming straightforward, clear transmission of information in newspaper into obscure expressions, I intentionally disregarded and critiqued the authority of adultness. I drained the aura of the serious events that adults concern and created a new kind of aura.