Supplementary Materials for Organic Chemistry
책(잉크젯 인쇄에 크래용), 200 x 266.7 mm, 16쪽

- Fred A. Hillbruner 아티스트 북 펠로우십 선외 가작, 2012.
- Adobe Design Achievement Awards 세미파이널리스트, 2012.
- :output Award 14, 2012.
출판: Output 14, 암스테르담, 네덜란드: Output foundation, 2011.
마이크로와 매크로 담론을 교차시켜 만든 하이브리드 형태의 책으로, 유기 화학의 지식 영역을 통해 Pat과 그의 친구 Pooh 사이의 에피소드를 묘사한다. 특히 유기 화학의 영역 내 이성질체라는 좁혀진 개념과의 일관된 비유를 사용한다.

This book narrates a true story of a grandfather named Pat. Pat is in his mid-70s, but his mental age is equivalent to a 5 year old due to the developmental disorder. Pat also has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder); coloring is his favorite activity, and he colors over and over until the original drawing is not recognizable. These characteristics of Pat build an interesting relationship between Pat and his best friend Pooh, a stuffed doll.

This book is a hybridized form produced by intersecting micro and macro-discourses. It illustrates an episode between Pat and Pooh through the knowledge domain of organic chemistry. It constructs a coherent analogy with a narrowed concept, isomer. Isomers are two compounds that look different or have different properties but have the same chemical formulas. Through the concept of isomers, it is implied that although Pat may look different or have different characteristics than us, Pat and we are composed of the same elements. Although Pooh may be just a stuffed doll to us, Pat and Pooh are composed of the same elements.